New app greatly conveniences patients in Minhang

A regional Internet-based health service system was introduced in Minhang District, greatly saving patients' time and improve health service efficiency.

Minhang District announced the introduction of a regional Internet-based health service platform that integrates all medical facilities in the district and allows patients to register, make reservations, receive test results and make payments through a smart phone application.

Since the launch of a trial late last year, the app, which connected Minhang District Central hospital and two neighborhood centers, has received over 3,500 registered users, who saved an average of 40 minutes' waiting time during each hospital visit.

With the application, patients can check their waiting time beforehand and go to the hospital in line with the expected waiting time instead of waiting in the hospital for extended periods.

It will be promoted to the two district-level hospitals and 13 neighborhood health centers within the year to improve efficiency, patient convenience, and offer better medical service. More public service functions will also be introduced to the system in the future, officials said.

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