Development targets of the southern segment

Li Xinran
The design and development goals of the southern segment of Yangpu's Binjiang area are well under way.
Li Xinran
Development targets of the southern segment
Ti Gong

The waterfront path at the former Yangshupu Waterworks

The design and development goals of the southern segment of Yangpu’s Binjiang area are well under way.

The first stage development and construction of the core area will be completed by 2020 and the infrastructure will be ready by then.

A cluster of innovative industries will emerge by 2025. All the leading projects will be put into operation and the land will become a prime example of industrial heritage renewal, as well as a landmark area of international innovative cooperation.

Innovation levels will be greatly improved by 2030 to play a remarkable role of demonstration and guidance. “Yangshupu” and “post-industrial era” will become well-known brands. International cooperation and exchanges will be upgraded to the national level. A Sino-EU (Yangshupu) International Cooperative Innovation Pilot Zone is expected to be built.

The layout of the southern segment will see public spaces and industrial relics on the riverbank renovated into platforms for cultural exhibitions, sports and leisure, as well as other innovative activities.

Two blocks on Yangshupu Road and to the east of Yangpu Bridge, west of Longchang Road, north of Anpu Road will be converted into platforms of smart manufacturing, R&D and exchange to attract front-end and back-end of advanced industries. Apartments and commercial complexes will be built for home entrepreneurs and provide them access to all sorts of life services for sustainable development.

Development targets of the southern segment
Ti Gong

A sculpture featuring factory workers is among the decorations in the Yangpu Binjiang area, referring to the district’s industrial heritage.

To the west of Yangpu Bridge and north of Yangshupu Road urban renewal will add the supply of public services and introduce the idea of shared community to improve residents’ living conditions.

To the east of Longchang Road and north of Yangshupu Road, more education institutes and training facilities will bridge traditional school study and the practice in innovative society and support the regional development with talent supply.

Playing the roles of Binjiang International Innovation Belt, Post-industrial Waterfront and the innovative ecological practice area, the southern segment of Yangpu’s Binjiang area has four major tasks.

The first is to agglomerate headquarters of innovation enterprises, leading to upgrade the Industry 4.0, to create an open and innovative platform that links global resources.

Introducing a future urban Expo with public interactive experience and building a continuous learning community closely linked to the theme of smart manufacturing is another major task.

The third is to highlight an interactive experience to integrate history and the future, science and culture, as well as arts and technology, and to accelerate the development of a comprehensive new culture economy, and promote the upgrade of consumption. And finally, it is to build a multiple and well-connected traffic network, a shared and inclusive community, a lively green waterfront ecology as well as their smart solutions.

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