Home delivery for drivers needing official documents

A new online service will save residents from having to travel to vehicle management centers, with documents being picked up and delivered at their residences.

City residents who have lost their car plates, driving licenses or vehicle licenses can now apply for copies online and have them delivered to their homes.

The new service, provided by Shanghai traffic police and China Post Shanghai, will save residents trouble of going to vehicle management centers in person for a total of 27 services for drivers.

The service is provided through app “Shanghai EMS Bianmintong,” and users are required to register with their mobile phone number and then complete identification by linking their Alipay account and taking pictures of themselves and their ID card for the software to match.

Other services available include drivers’ registration, applying for new copies of inspection certificates and submission of physical check forms.

The service is in Chinese.

Home delivery costs 20 to 30 yuan (US$3-5).

Gao Lei, a manager at the EMS marketing department of China Post Shanghai, said a team of postmen at EMS is trained to handle mail regarding administrative issues like this.

“They are asked to make sure to take or hand over the documents to the user in person, and at the vehicle management centers they work with a group of police officers and EMS workers assigned to the service,” he said.

Gao said a postman will arrive at a user’s address to fetch documents within two hours of an online application being submitted, and the required documents will be delivered to the user either on the same or the next day.

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