District completes objectives and tasks set last year

Putuo District has completed the objec­tives and tasks set by the first session of the 16th Putuo District People's Congress, said Zhou Minhao, director of Putuo.

PUTUO District has completed the objec­tives and tasks set by the first session of the 16th Putuo District People’s Congress, said Zhou Minhao, director of Putuo.

When reviewing the major work under­taken last year in the “Government Work Report,” Zhou pointed out that the GDP of Putuo in 2017 is expected to reach 97 billion yuan (US$15.1 billion), an increase of 4.5 percent on year. The total fiscal revenue was 33.566 billion yuan, a 4.92 percent increase on 2016. The proportion of modern service industry in district-level tax revenue increased by 8.85 percentage points over the previous year.

Among the main achievements, the Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics Industrial Park has begun to take shape, gathering 34 robots and related supporting enterprises. Software and information service industries developed rapidly, with operating income of 18.25 billion yuan, an increase of 20.23 percent. The Jinshajiang Road Internet video industry belt attracted 33 film and television enterprises.

“Putuo has been taking initiative to serve the city government’s ambition to establish a science and innovation center with global influence,” Zhou said.

The “Wuning Road innovation and development axis,” for instance, has ac­cumulated various incubators to promote technological innovation and industrial integration. The “Industrial Security Control Innovation Service Platform” of East China Normal University and “Robot Industry Technology Service Platform” of the Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co have been among the city’s first batch of 18 research and development platforms.

The number of multinational regional headquarters in Putuo has reached 14. The district government has held a series of economic and trade exchanges. The total foreign investment has reached US$862 million, up 4.66 percent on year.

Last year, the Shanghai Science and Technology Financial Industrial Gather­ing Zone was also unveiled in Putuo. The designs for two major parks named 5A and 6A have been completed.

The district government has shut down the Caojiadu Flower Market, the largest of its kind in Shanghai.

Preparation work has been completed for major infrastructure projects such as the Metro lines 14 and 15, the Beiheng Passage, a 19-kilometer road to link Changning, Putuo, Jing’an, Huangpu, Hongkou and Yangpu districts as well as the Suzhou Creek Deep Tunnel Project and the Yunling Road drainage system.

Ecological restoration was made to 28 rivers and thanks to the district’s “clean air action plan,” the average monthly dust reduction was 4.9 tons per square kilo­meters throughout 2017. The district has built 750,000 square meters of greenery and two new boulevards as green cover­age rate reached 28.01 percent.

Regarding social welfare, some 242,800 residents signed contracts with general practitioners as their family doctors. The district helped 659 entrepreneurs to start successful businesses and 436 unem­ployed young people were helped back to work, while 391 new beds were added to senior’s homes.

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