New museum celebrates art of animation

An animation film museum has been established at Jiading's Huajiang Primary School, the first of its kind in the country.
New museum celebrates art of animation
Ti Gong

The Jiading Huajiang Primary School

An animation film museum has been established at Jiading’s Huajiang Primary School, the first of its kind in the country.

The museum offers visitors an opportunity to access original works, learn the history of domestic animation film development and even take part in animation production.

An animation film innovation center was also launched recently at the school.

A graffiti wall outside the museum is full of figures in well-known animation films.

“The animation roles on the wall let me remember the moment that I hid comic books in my desk and watched animation shows after dinner during my school days,” said Ding Dan, an art teacher at the school.

The animation film innovation center occupies an area of 200 square meters and consists of four parts for exhibitions, entertaining, experiencing and practice respectively.

The history and development of cartoon and animation film as well as works by famous artists, such as Feng Zikai and Zhang Leping, are on display at the center.

The center’s collection also includes traditional Chinese graphic novels. Such books, typically bound with string and printed on paper a quarter the size of standard A4 sheets, were once a major form of popular culture in China. For adults and children alike, they offered an easy and vivid window into a world of knowledge and literature.

Because of their popularity, many of China’s most skilled writers and artists turned their hands toward producing graphic novels in decades gone by.

Stamps and postcards featuring animation are also part of the collection. All 300 pieces are from publishing houses and collectors. The school even imported an animation film projector from Japan as part of the effort to promote traditional Chinese graphic novels.

Teachers from Shanghai University School of Arts and the city’s comic center were invited to teach students how to draw comic strips. Students produce animation films based on their own work.

They will take part in animation shooting, dubbing, post-production, video games, making virtual reality effects and 3D printing in the next phase.

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