Pujiang Line to open after Spring Festival

Pujiang Line in Minhang District will be put into service after the Spring Festival and make it convenient for Pujiang Town residents to visit downtown.

Shanghai's Metro operator said that the Pujiang Line will be in service after the Spring Festival.

The line starts from Shendu Highway Station and ends at Huizhen Road in Minhang District and will benefit residents living in Pujiang Town but work in downtown. It has six elevated stations and covers a length of 6.8 kilometers. Passengers can change to Line 8 at Shendu Highway Station.

Pujiang Line will be run on APM (automatic people mover) — the first in Shanghai — and does not require a driver during operation. It is also the first Metro line in Shanghai to use rubber tire, which is used on aircraft, to reduce noise.

The line was expected to open by the end of 2017 but was delayed due to safety consideration. The Metro is doing more test runs to make sure the new technology was perfectly safe.

Meanwhile, Metro Line 14 has finished the giant “shield” machine work between Huangyang and Jinxiu Road stations in the Pudong New Area. So far, the line has completed 6.7 kilometres of tunnel construction — 17 percent of its total length.

On completion, Line 14 will run from the east of Jiading District to west of the Pudong New area, and will open a new pathway for residents to go to Lujiazui from the western part of the city.

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