Thief who stole lithium batteries from bus stops arrested

A suspect, who allegedly stole eight lithium batteries worth 4,180 yuan (US$660) from bus stops, has been arrested.
Ti Gong

The stolen batteries that were seized from the suspect's house.

Ti Gong

Police take the suspect to the crime scene for evidence.

A man has been detained for allegedly stealing lithium batteries from LED boards at bus stops, Shanghai police said. Eight batteries, estimated to cost 4,180 yuan (US$660), were found at the suspect's house. 

Liutuan police station in the Pudong New Area started investigating two weeks ago following several reports of battery thefts. The LED boards at the bus stops are powered by the batteries to display bus schedules.

From street surveillance cameras, police spotted a suspicious car. In the area where the car was seen, police saw a villa with a solar panel on the roof with a long wire under it.

Police caught the suspect, surnamed Yang, at the villa and seized the stolen batteries.

Yang admitted to the theft and said he stole them for his home-made solar panel.

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