Online system cuts company name registration time dramatically

The city's market watchdog has cut enterprise name registration time to within 24 hours from up to seven working days from today under an online registration system. 
Jin Minyi

A volunteer assists a representative from a company register the name online.

The city's market watchdog has cut enterprise name registration by up to seven working days, officials announced today.

The new online system allows name registration within 24 hours.

In the past, enterprises had to visit registration windows of the Shanghai Industry and Commerce Administration citywide, and the review and approval time usually took about five to seven working days, officials said.

The online system can review and filter similar names already registered and give feedback to enterprises reporting and registering new names, and officials with the administration will further review the names to see whether they are against regulations. If there are no issues, approval will be given within 24 hours.

"The new mechanism is very convenient for companies' name registration because we don't need to visit the office, take a number and wait for registration procedures," said Cao Zhe, a representative from a food company who was registering the company's name online. “Efficiency has been significantly improved.”

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