Water man nailed for stealing old shoes from doorways

The suspect allegedly said he stole the shoes because he had no money to buy new shoes for himself and his wife.
Ti Gong

A water deliveryman has been detained for stealing shoes from residents’ doorsteps in several neighborhoods, police said on Monday.

In the past few weeks, police at Yongfeng Police Station, Songjiang District, received reports from residents about missing shoes.

The shoes either disappeared from where they were left on the ground or from shoe shelves beside doorways, police said.

It was soon revealed that the culprit was a man surnamed Feng, after police reviewed surveillance camera footage from outside an apartment where shoes had gone missing. The footage soon led to his arrest.

Feng allegedly confessed and said he stole the shoes for himself and his wife to wear because the water delivery business was bad and he had no money to buy new shoes.

Police said they discovered five pairs of stolen shoes in Feng’s apartment.

Ti Gong

The stolen shoes found from Feng's apartment.

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