US$50,000 top prize at Shanghai ballet competition

The 6th Shanghai International Ballet Competition is taking place from August 3 to 11 at Shanghai International Dance Center. 
Ti Gong

Yuan Anpu (male) and Qi Bingxue won the gold prize for male and female in the Senior Division at last ballet competition in 2016。

The 6th Shanghai International Ballet Competition will be held at Shanghai International Dance Center from August 3 to 11. Registration is open to dancers worldwide from February 11 to May 31. 

This year’s theme is “Dance to the Rhythm of Shanghai,” with the Grand Prix Award rising from US$30,000 to US$50,000. 

Dancers can register online at The Junior Division is for dancers aged 15-18, with the Senior Division for those aged 19-26. Participants can enter the competition as soloists or as couples. 

In addition to the Grand Prix Award, there are 18 other prizes. 

In each division, there will be gold, silver and bronze medals for males and females with prize money from US$4,000 to US$15,000. There will also be awards for choreography and for couples, a special jury prize and three special acknowledgment awards, with prize money from US$1,000 to US$4,000.   

Xin Lili, chairperson of the Shanghai Dancers Association, said the prize money had been raised to attract more talent. To discover and foster promising ballet stars both at home and abroad, professional institutes including Shanghai Ballet will offer winners the chance to take part in performances and other platforms where their talents can be shown. 

Along with the competition, a series of ballet-related forums, master classes and summer camps will also be held at Shanghai International Dance Center. Through these programs, contestants and students can interact with top ballet masters face to face, with professionals communicating and exchanging ideas in teaching, creativity, performance and development. 

Ordinary members of the public are welcome to take part in activities such as “You Are the Ballet Ambassador” auditions, “Top of Shanghai, Capture the Moments” photography and “Shanghai Service” volunteer recruitment. 

Contestants may also have the chance to take part in video shoots for “Date with Shanghai,” “Dancing in Shanghai” and “Bloom in Shanghai.”

Ti Gong
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