Unlicensed driver held for drunk crash

A man had called driving service but drove the driver away because he didn't know his home address.

A man in suburban Shanghai has been detained for dangerous driving under the influence and not possessing a license, police said on Friday.

The man, surnamed Xiang, bumped into two e-bikes at the crossroads of Naihai Road and Lianye Road in Fengxian District at about 9:35pm on January 30.

Ti Gong
Ti Gong

Xiang had a blood alcohol level of 197mg per 100ml according to a breath test on the scene, police said.

His driving license was annulled after being found to be driving under the influence in May 2015.

Xiang allegedly told police that he had been drinking wine, spirits and beer since 3:30pm that day.

He called for a driving service at about 9pm that evening, but drove the driver away and took over the wheel halfway, allegedly because the driver didn’t know his home address.

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