9 killed, 134 injured in accidents involving deliverymen last year

Ele.me, meituan.com, STO Express, YTO Express and SF Express were among the companies whose deliverymen were involved in the most accidents.

Nine were killed and 134 injured in 117 road accidents involving mail and food deliverymen last year, Shanghai traffic police said on Friday.

In accidents involving deliverymen and other vehicles, five deliverymen were killed and 22 were injured, police said.

While in accidents where deliverymen hit bikes or pedestrians, four bike riders and pedestrians were killed and 112, including 30 deliverymen, were injured.

A total of 43 accidents were related to deliverymen from ele.me, a food delivery firm, and one deliveryman was killed.

The firm was followed by meituan.com, whose deliverymen were involved in 29 accidents. Two deliverymen and one bike rider who was not a deliveryman were killed in the accidents.

Mail deliverymen from STO Express, YTO Express and SF Express were involved in a total of 14 accidents, and two bike riders who were not deliverymen were killed in the accidents, according to the police.

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