Court names welfare home guardian of boy

A 4-year-old boy, abandoned by his family, will be looked after by a welfare house in Anhui Province. 

A welfare home in Anhui Province has been named the guardian of a 4-year-old boy abandoned by his family, the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau said.

The Baoshan District Court also jailed the boy’s father surnamed Shen for abandoning the baby.

The boy’s parents, both migrant workers in Shanghai, divorced in March 2015. Under the divorce agreement, the boy was to be supported by Shen.

Shen left the baby with his mother several times, but she too struggled to look after him and left the baby on the street.

The boy was taken in by Shanghai’s children’s temporary care center that looks after abandoned babies. In December 2015, when Shen was asked to fulfill his responsibility, he refused. The mother disappeared and his grandparents also expressed unwillingness to look after him.

The parents refused to apply for hukou (household registration) for the boy, making his schooling and medical treatment impossible.

The children’s center then filed a lawsuit to strip the parents of their guardianship, which was supported last month by the Baoshan District Court.

Because the boy’s parents’ registered residence is in Auhui Province, the Yingshang County (Children) Welfare Home in Fuyang City was appointed the guardian of the baby by the court.

The boy has been taken to the welfare home in Anhui.

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