More mass culture programs set for Shanghai in the new year

Officials applauded the city's achievements in mass culture over the past year and released some new programs for the new year.

A mass culture forum was held today to inspire cultural innovation and develop the city’s cultural and art brands.

Officials applauded the city’s achievements over the past year and released some new programs for the new year.

Last year, a total of 38,900 original cultural and artworks were created by ordinary citizens, among which were stage productions and fine artworks. Outstanding works also received coaching from professionals and will have the opportunity to vie for the national Qunxing Award. 

Creation bases for drama, calligraphy, art, literature, traditional opera and choir have been set up around Shanghai to incubate high-quality art productions.

Last year, around 300 mass cultural performances were staged at the city’s communities, schools, enterprises and suburban areas.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. A batch of cultural and art productions which look back on the rapid development of the country over the past decades will be created.

More realistic works will emerge this year, inspired by real-life stories and depicting the emotions of ordinary people.

One of them, a story of Professor Zhong Yang, a botanist at Fudan University who died in a car accident, is expected to be adapted into a drama and film later this year.

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