Police and parents help ensure student safety on first day of term

About 3,500 police officers and assistants safeguarded the first school day this semester for school pupils and kindergarten children on Friday.

About 3,500 police officers and assistants ensured student safety around Shanghai during the first day of school this semester.

Police and assistants were especially focused on 373 schools and kindergartens which are located on very busy streets, Shanghai traffic police said.

Besides helping children cross the street and streamlining traffic on surrounding streets, police also stepped up the punishment of common traffic offenses like speeding, illegal parking and running red lights.

Ti Gong

An officer of Pudong traffic police worked to streamline the traffic flow outside Shanghai Fushan Foreign Language Primary School on Fushan Road on Friday morning.

Ti Gong

Parents work as volunteers to help with traffic outside this school in the morning and afternoon.

Ti Gong

Police make sure that cars stopped before zebra crossings when parents and pupils were crossing the street.

In the next few weeks, the traffic police will set up road blocks to give safety inspections of school buses in the mornings and afternoons.

Police said they will look out for offenses such as taking more passengers than allowed, speeding, taking a route different from the approved one, and drivers or passengers not wearing seatbelts. They will also crack down on vehicles with no license to transport pupils or kindergarten children.

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