Applying for services easier for residents

A residence permit curb will be lifted from March at 220 community affairs service centers across Shanghai. 

Residents will be able to apply for 161 services at 220 community affairs service centers across Shanghai when a residence permit restriction is lifted in March, authorities said yesterday.  

The services include application for and receipt of maternity insurance and senior cards at any of the centers across the city from next month, according to the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. At present, they need to visit designated community affairs centers based on the addresses of their residence permits.

The 161 services cover social aid, social insurance, medical treatment insurance, employment, non-staple food subsidy, trade union, housing security, social security cards and archives.

From July, people can apply for another 11 services including residence permit applications and information registration of out-of-town people when the residence permit curb is removed, according to the bureau.

The new move allows people to visit the closest community affair service centers at their convenience, said Shanghai Vice Mayor Peng Chenlei.

There are over 5 million people in Shanghai whose addresses do not match those on their residence permits, the bureau said.

Over 10 million people visit the 220 centers annually for services involving 11 government departments such as police, civil affairs, social security, health, housing and trade union.

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