Couple nabbed over elderly sex scam

The couple is accused of offering group sex and sex toys, targeting older men.

A married couple has been picked up by police over accusations they defrauded senior citizens by offering sex toys and group sex, police said on Thursday.

A 65-year-old man surnamed Guo told police in Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District, that he lost 21,600 yuan (US$3,420) in the scam.

Guo said he added a woman on QQ, a social network platform, in mid-December last year and then was invited to join a WeChat group where other group members charged him money for group sex activities and sex toys.

After a two-month investigation, police caught the couple — a man surnamed Song and a woman surnamed Sun living in Hongkou District on February 23.

Couple nabbed over elderly sex scam
Ti Gong

Song is caught in an apartment in Hongkou District on February 23.

Police said the suspects registered dozens of QQ and WeChat accounts in June last year and entrapped men with pictures of attractive women and flirtatious messages, targeting middle-aged and senior men.

All of the WeChat group “members” except the victims were accounts registered by the suspects, police said.

Sun has been detained and Song was given bail.

Investigations are continuing and police are looking for other victims.

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