Cameras help speed traffic flows

The new cameras help police detect problems and react to avoid traffic jams.

In Shanghai, street surveillance cameras and traffic police cameras are now being used for the traffic police to react to emergencies more efficiently and adjust traffic arrangement.

In an area of 2 square kilometers within the Expo Park where a trial has been carried out, traffic congestion has been cut by about 15 percent and the average car speed increased by 10 percent, Shanghai traffic police said on Thursday.

The cameras can now monitor the length of queues of cars and detect glitches with traffic lights, possible traffic accidents and other emergencies.

In the Expo Park area, 13 intersections and 25 street surveillance cameras and traffic police cameras have been included in a trial.

So far, six problems with traffic lights and 216 incidents of traffic congestion and offenses have been detected by the cameras and police were alerted and immediately reacted.

Based on the data collected, police have worked out new traffic light schedules for the area for peak hours and also changed directions of the lanes in some streets.

At the intersection of Ruijin Road and Zhongshan Road S., a change of lane on Ruijin Road managed to relieve congestion by 10 percent, police said.

The system will later be introduced to other parts of the city.

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