Cleaning up the waterways

Shanghai will clean up all heavily polluted waterways within three years.

Shanghai will take further steps this year to tackle water pollution. Under the fourth stage of the Suzhou Creek's environment renovation, 155 kilometers of waterways along the creek and 46 dead-end rivers will be landscaped.

In 2017, Shanghai eliminated black and odorous water in 1,864 small rivers. By 2021, city authorities aim to clean up all polluted waters rated at 5 — water so polluted it can't be used and is even ugly to look at.

The city introduced the "river chief" scheme last year, making top officials personally responsible for tackling water pollution. The scheme will be intensified this year as the city has set six tasks for the river chiefs to further improve the water environment.

Meanwhile, "lake chiefs" are also on their way to protect the city's lakes. The city's water authority will detail that plan soon.

The authority says every river and lake in Shanghai will have a chief responsible for its protection.

All government bodies will coordinate to crack down on pollution.

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