Traffic police cameras catch 389 high beam drivers

Three such cameras have been installed in the city, police said.

Three traffic police cameras catching drivers who illegally use high beam headlights have caught 389 offenses in the past six months, police said on Wednesday.

After the first camera was installed on Baolin Road near Mudanjiang Road in Baoshan District in September last year, another two were later installed on Youyi Road near Fuyang Road in the same district and Longwu Road near Huajing Road in Xuhui District.

The cameras are specially designed to detect if headlights have more than one bulb or if lights are too strong or cover an unusually large area.

Ti Gong

A truck driver is caught illegally using high beam headlights by the police camera on Longwu Road near Huajing Road on the evening of February 26.

Ti Gong

The traffic police said they have recently been carrying out a campaign against drivers illegally using high beam headlights and not using cornering lights when making turns or changing lanes.

An offender is fined 100 yuan (US$16) and one point is deducted from his or her license.

Also, since the beginning of this year, residents have reported over 26,000 offenses of drivers not properly using cornering lights through the traffic police’s official website and app, police said.

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