Hotel driver caught driving bus without proper license

Pudong police said they're investigating whether the hotel was aware of the fact that the man was not licensed to drive a bus.

A man working for a hotel will be detained for 15 days for driving a tourist bus to transport guests without a license, police said on Friday.

He will also be fined 1,500 yuan (US$235) and 12 points will be deducted from his driving license, police said.

The man, surnamed You, was caught illegally driving a tourist bus in a lane reserved for small  vehicles on the S1 Expressway near the Pudong International Airport about 7:30am on March 6.

He was stopped by a traffic police officer for a check afterwards, and his license was found to be valid only for driving small vehicles.

Police are investigating if the hotel was aware the man was unlicensed.

Ti Gong
Ti Gong

The bus was carrying 21 tourists to the Shanghai Disney Resort, police said.

You was ordered to call his hotel for another driver. After further inquiries, police found You had previously driven buses to ferry passengers between the hotel, the airport and the Disney Resort.

Police say he drove the buses when the hotel's professional drivers were not available.

He will also be fined 200 yuan and lose three points for using the wrong lane on an expressway.

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