School 'named and shamed' over Open Day breach

The public middle school breached rules banning the conducting of tests during Open Day activities.

A local public middle school was named and shamed for violating Shanghai Education Commission regulations by organizing tests during Open Day activities over the weekend.

The commission said in a message to school principals around the city that it had received reports from some parents that the Junior Middle School Affiliated to No.2 High School of the East China Normal University had organized tests disguised in other forms on Saturday’s Open Day.

It said that was against the city’s regulations on admission to primary and middle schools and had had a negative impact.

Saturday was the first day for public primary and middle schools to arrange campus visits for potential students and their parents.

The practice was introduced by the Shanghai Education Commission in order to ease the craze for private schools and make students and parents better informed about the schools around their homes before making application decisions.

Private schools will offer Open Day activities in April.

The schools are allowed to showcase their education philosophy, curriculum and characteristics but are banned from organizing tests, conducting interviews or collecting students’ resumes during the activities.

But students who visited the Junior Middle School Affiliated to No.2 High School of East China Normal University found they were engaged in answering mathematics questions orally, debating in English. reciting ancient Chinese poems and doing scientific experiments, which are believed to be academic tests.

So the commission released a notice of criticism and circulated it within the education system in the city.

It also asked the education bureau in Minhang District, where the school is located, to investigate as soon as possible.

The bureau has asked the school to rectify the problem and issued an administrative warning to the school staff responsible. It did gave no details of the staff involved.

The commission also asked all schools to take warning from the incident and to ensure they organize Open Day activities in line with the rules.

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