Schools seeking new teachers at job fair on Sunday

About 350 schools are looking to fill up to 2,000 positions amid rapidly rising demand for teachers in Shanghai.

About 350 local schools will offer 1,500-2,000 vacancies at a job fair to recruit teachers on Sunday.

With a growing population, a loosened family planning policy that allows couples to have two children, and the retirement of senior teachers, demand for teachers in the city is great, authorities said on Monday.

Most of the vacancies to be offered at the fair are in Chinese, math and English — the three most important subjects for Chinese students — but there will also be some for subordinate subjects, such as PE, music and geography.

To attract outstanding talent into schools, many district governments have introduced incentives such as housing subsidies and affordable apartments for teachers.

Some districts no longer list hukou, or permanent residency certificate, as a must for applicants who are outstanding enough, such as graduates from top universities in China.

Although some non-professional requirements have been loosened, schools in the city will not lower the requirements on applicants’ professional teaching abilities, said Hu Weiping, an official at the Shanghai Educational Human Resource Exchange and Service Center.

An online version of the job fair will also kick off on next Monday and run through May 30 on the website of the center (

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