Ferries to offer Wi-Fi from July

Multiple public transportations are planning to introduce free Wi-Fi service this year.

WI-FI services will be available on ferries plying between the two banks of the Huangpu River this year. The Jinling Road E. ferry wharf will be the first one to offer the free service from July.

There are 17 ferry routes and 34 tourist marinas in Shanghai. With about 45-kilometer riverside now open to the public, two more ferry routes will be added this year.

The ferry service on the Huangpu River has a long history dating back to 1911. With the development of modern infrastructure like bridges, Metro lines and tunnels, the ferries were no longer the prime mode of transport for citizens but were still valued by cyclists and bikers to cross the river.

Qiangsheng Taxi also said it will offer free Wi-Fi on its Tu’an model taxis this year.

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