Smooth running for tram's trial operation

The recent trial of Songjiang's tramcar lines T1 and T2 from Wenhui Road Station to Canghua Road Station was a success.
Smooth running for tram's trial operation
Yue Cheng / Ti Gong

A tramcar approaches in a station along the Songjiang tramcar T1 line during a trial operation. 

The recent trial of Songjiang’s tramcar lines T1 and T2 from Wenhui Road Station to Canghua Road Station was a success, the tram passing 12 crossroads and five railway crossings and linking 11 stations.

It was the first time a tram had gone into the old town and was also the initial operation of line T1.

Starting from Wenhui Road Station, the tram headed from the new town to the old town and started sharing its right of way at the crossing between Sanxin Road and G60 Expressway.

With motor vehicles running on the right, the tram kept to the left on a two-way four-lane road where traffic was smooth and orderly.

Shen Jian, director of Songjiang Tram Company, said the mixed right-of-way section didn’t have position lamps to signal directions. Instead, technicians gave the tram priority over other traffic when it arrived at a crossing.

“All this requires higher competence on the part of the driver, who needs to be both skilled and flexible. He should also be familiar with the road conditions of the mixed right-of-way section and obey traffic rules,” said Shen.

Dating back to January 30, the tram, nicknamed “Silkworm,” arrived in Songjiang and was transported to Songjiang University Town’s parking lot.Another three brand-new Silkworms are now at the parking lot and, by the end of this month, all the new trams will start trial operations and then join the trial without passengers in November.

It was also the first time for lines T1 and T2 to merge at Canghua Road Station. According to Shen, Jincuo Road Station is another merging point between the lines.

“There won’t be a chance for two trams to appear simultaneously at the merging point,” said Shen. Signals from Line T1 and T2 will be exchanged via a special control system.

In May, line T2 from Zhongchen Road Station to Canghua Road Station, covering 13 kilometers, will undergo its own trial operation before a joint operation with T1.

Located to the east of Songjiang University Town Subway Station on Line 9, the Songjiang modern tram demonstration parking lot should be completed by July. Covering an area of 46,000 square kilometers, it can accommodate 28 trams. The parking lot will also function as an inspection center for daily and monthly checks on trams.

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