Garbage sorting measures being implemented in city

Domestic garbage sorting will be promoted at residential communities citywide generally by the end of 2020.

RESIDENTIAL communities in Jing’an, Changning, Fengxian, Songjiang and Chongming districts will finish implementing a garbage sorting plan by the end of this year.

Citywide, the plan will be in place by 2020.

The newly released measures are targeting waste collecting agencies, some of whom have been blamed for mixing sorted garbage.

Residents have complained that while they have actively participated in garbage sorting, their effort is wasted as the transport companies mix the already sorted garbage.

“Even if I carefully separate dry and wet garbage and throw them into different bins, they are dumped together by trucks, which is very frustrating,” said Anna Lu, a resident in Jing’an District.

Under the new measures, wet garbage at residential complexes has to be cleared out daily, while dry trash can be collected and taken away once a week.

The wet garbage has to be transported in enclosed vehicles to avoid odor and leakage.

Only companies with permits to collect dangerous materials will be allowed to collect hazardous medical wastes.

They have to be cleared once every month.

The frequency of recyclable wastes’ collection will have to be done once in 15 days.

Waste collection companies will have to make their time of collection and transport public. Companies mixing the different types of trash will be punished.

The plan states that the residential communities should properly set up domestic garbage sorting and collection containers, and garbage clearing companies should have separate containers or spots for harmful, dry and recyclable garbage.

There should be containers for kitchen wastes at food production and catering areas.

If they produce waste oil, there should also be specific containers for that.

Property management companies and neighborhood committees will be responsible for guiding the residents about garbage sorting and management.

The treatment capacity of wet garbage in Shanghai is expected to reach 7,000 tons per day by 2020.

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