Millions of juvenile fish to be released in local rivers

This year, the city's agriculture authorities will release 100 million more juvenile fish in open water areas around Shanghai.
Fan Jie

A total of 200,000 juvenile fish were released in rivers near Pujiang Country Park in Minhang District on March 22 to commemorate World Water Day.

More than 150 residents and students attended the event, which aimed to raise awareness of the protection of water resources and animals.

According to Shanghai agriculture authority, the released fish were all native species over 1 year old, including different carps and yellowhead catfish. An official said such diversity will be beneficial to the ecological system, but he warned that releasing non-local animals, such as Brazilian turtles, would cause grave damage.

Every year from February 16 to May 16 is closed fishing season along the Huangpu River and other open water areas — juvenile fish released at this time have more chance of survival.

This year, the city’s agriculture authorities will release 100 million more juvenile fish, from at least 20 species, in the Huangpu River, Dianshan Lake, and Hangzhou Bay.

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