Couple held for scamming tourists at Shanghai Disneyland

The two suspects allegedly charged tourists money for "Fastpasses" which they didn't have.

Two suspects have been held up for scamming tourists at Shanghai Disneyland, police said on Friday.

A male suspect surnamed Luo, and a female suspect surnamed Zhao, who are a married couple, allegedly charged tourists money for “Fastpasses” which they didn’t have.

At least 15 tourists fell victim and lost over 4,000 yuan (US$630) to the suspects, Pudong police said.

Luo is under detention and Zhao has been released on bail.

Police started investigating after some victims reported the fraud during the Chinese New Year holiday last month.

Zhao allegedly approached the tourists outside the amusement park, claiming to have Fastpasses and charging them money. Luo, who was inside, then took the tourists to a queue for single riders and left while they weren't looking, at which point they were blocked on WeChat.

Zhao also became unreachable when the victims of the scam realized they had been defrauded, police said.

Police reminded visitors that the holders of Fastpasses need to also be the purchaser of said tickets.

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