New stroke rehabilitation center established in the city

A stroke rehabilitation center using international standards and theory was set up in Shanghai.

A stroke rehabilitation center utilizing international standards and theory was set up in the city through cooperation between Shanghai International Medical Center and professional German teams and facilities.

There are over 2 million new patients suffering from strokes in China every year, adding to the country's 11 million stroke survivors, three fourths of whom suffer various disabilities. Over 40 percent of stroke survivors  suffer from severe disability and other complications.

“Stroke survivors usually have disability in movement, language, perception and swallowing — proper rehabilitation is the most effective way to reduce these issues and improve stroke patients' life quality,” said Dr Li Gang from Shanghai East Hospital. 

The doctor says that timing is a crucial factor when it comes to the possibility of recovery. 

"Eight to 12 weeks after a stroke is the golden time for rehabilitation, but only 11.5 percent of stroke survivors in China receive rehabilitation in time, and over 42 percent never receive any rehabilitation.”

The Consanas Rehabilitation Center will adopt German standards and technology, as over 45 percent of stroke survivors who receive proper rehabilitation are able to go back to work. Experts say that percentage will keep rising.

The center will fully adopt German processes by giving individualized therapy through all stages, an official said.

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