Motorized wheelchair knocks down pregnant woman and flees

The driver of the motorized wheelchair involved in a hit-and-run has been found and faces a 1,500 yuan fine and up to five days of detention.
Ti Gong

A surveillance camera on Ningguo Road records the accident.

The driver of a motorized wheelchair who knocked down a pregnant woman while driving in the wrong direction of a bike lane before fleeing has been located, police said on Tuesday.

The accident took place about 8am last Thursday on Ningguo Road, Yangpu District.

The woman, surnamed Zhang, who was riding an e-bike when knocked down, is four months pregnant.

Zhang suffered fractures to her right arm, but fortunately the accident didn’t harm her unborn baby, Yangpu traffic police said.

Passers-by helped her to get on her feet before Zhang called her husband who came to the scene and took her to hospital.

Ti Gong

Zhang suffers fractures to her right arm.

The driver, a disabled man surnamed He, has been assigned full responsibility for the accident and faces a 1,500-yuan (US$240) fine and up to five days' detention for fleeing.

His vehicle was illegally transformed with an added back-row seat and a metal frame, supposedly for a canopy, which made it larger in size than standard motorized wheelchairs, police said.

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