Workers tested for skills

City is now holding skill contests to select talented workers to be trained for the 45th WorldSkills Competition in Kazan, Russia next year.

OVER 800 skilled workers are competing in various events at 23 venues across the city in their effort to make it to the 45th WorldSkills Competition in Kazan, Russia, next year.

The 823 competitors from 84 organizations are testing their skills in 30 events ranging from car spray-painting to gardening.

The winners will be trained by the city.

They will then vie for a chance to represent the country in Russia next year.

This year the number of competitors hit a record high with 14 new contests, including freight forwarding, mobile robot, fashion technology, jewelry crafting, 3D digital game art, baking, cooking and health and social care.

Many of them are related to Shanghai’s urban development, like the robot that can be used in the manufacturing sector and health and social care that can serve the city’s aging population.

The health and social care contest requires participants to compete in English and catch up with the international standards on nursing.

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