Police crack down on illegal fishing during ban period

On April 4, a married couple were caught illegally fishing with electric tools on a creek in Chongming District – about 40 kilograms of fish was seized, police said.

A married couple have been detained for illegal fishing during Shanghai's fishing ban period, police said on Sunday.

About 40 kilograms of fish were seized from the suspects, making it the largest case of its kind in the city so far this year.

Police in Chongming District said they caught the suspects on a creek in Luhua Town about 3am on April 4.

The suspects allegedly used electric tools to fish, which is also illegal.

Police said the suspects could face criminal charges.

Ti Gong

The couple identify the boat they fished with.

Ti Gong

Some of the fish seized from the couple.

Fishing on Shanghai's Huangpu River, and all naturally formed inland rivers, creeks and lakes, is banned from February 16 to May 16 this year. Angling is allowed.

Chongming police said they have discovered over 10 such cases so far this season.

In Baoshan District, marine police and law enforcers from the district fishing administration office caught a suspect using the same illegal method to fish on Nansitang Creek at the end of March.

Law enforcers said they took action on reports from residents near the creek and seized about 24 kilograms of fish from the suspect.

Authorities said they will add more surveillance cameras on rivers and creeks to catch illegal fishing activities.

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