Careless driver arrested for running over co-worker

An unlicensed truck driver ran over a man while he was reversing, but he kept going because he "thought it was just a stone."

An unlicensed truck driver who allegedly ran over and killed a man has been arrested for negligence leading to death, according to Songjiang District prosecutors.

The suspect surnamed Tang, 23, was recruited as a truck driver by a local logistics company, although he was not licensed to drive trucks, the investigation found.

The accident occurred on December 7, 2017, when Tang was reversing a truck loaded with sand in the factory. He realized he was running something over but thought it was just a stone, he said.

He didn’t get out to check on the situation, instead continuing to back up until other workers shouted out. It was only then that he realized something was wrong, he told investigators.

An ambulance was called immediately, but the worker died en route to hospital, prosecutors said. Security footage showed the victim was working right behind the truck and that Tang failed to notice.

Police excluded the possibility that Tang intentionally ran over the worker as the two had never met before, and there were no connections between the two families. He was arrested for causing death by negligence.

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