Sniffer dog put up for adoption

A retired sniffer dog belonging to the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau has been put up for adoption.
Ti Gong

Si Yan, a detection dog belonging to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, holds his medal of honor at a retirement ceremony in Shanghai yesterday. 

A RETIRED sniffer dog belonging to the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau has been put up for adoption.

The bureau held a retirement ceremony for the 13-year-old canine named Si Yan (Four Eyes), a 2005-born American Cocker Spaniel, at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum yesterday after 11 years of glorious service.

For his adoption, the bureau is insisting on a series of a criteria — they must have a stable work, family support and must never use him for commercial events.

Ti Gong

Two pupils rub Si Yan on his back at the retirement ceremony.

Ti Gong

File picture of Si Yan working before retirement.

It is the first time that the bureau has put up a trained canine up for adoption.

Si Yan started off at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in 2006 and was later dispatched to city’s international mail exchange center in 2012.

Later he was moved to Shanghai Railway Station and Wusong Port. Although Si Yan is now suffering from cataract and has lost some teeth, he is still one of the best on the job.

Over the past six years, he has helped detect nearly 3,000 batches of animals and plants or related products that are banned in the country.

Si Yan helped quarantine officers to sniff out turtles mailed from Japan, rare succulent plants and ivory products wrapped under many layers that would otherwise have been hard to detect.

In 2016, he was awarded the highest honor of a five-star detection dog.

Si Yan’s new boss must be 21 or older and a confirmed animal lover. Those who have experience raising dogs will be considered first. They must have the support of their family members, should have worked in Shanghai for at least 10 years and be able to provide medical care.

All those keen on adopting must sign up on the bureau or the museum’s public WeChat accounts before April 30.

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