Meituan data posted on traffic platform

Meituan Dianping has uploaded data of its online-hailing cars and drivers into the traffic authority's supervisory system.

MEITUAN Dianping has uploaded data of its online-hailing cars and drivers into the traffic authority’s supervisory system, the Shanghai Transportation Commission said yesterday.

The company was fined for having illegal drivers and cars, fake promotions and failure in uploading data on the system.

The firm was given a week to rectify the mistakes on April 5. Zhong Yongjian, a company representative, said all data was now linked to the supervisory system but said weeding out illegal drivers and cars would take time.

Zhong said all the drivers have been told to upload their ID cards and photos of their cars to prove they are real by April 15. Those failing to do so will be suspended by the platform.

Meituan has already stopped sending orders to drivers it deemed illegal.

The uploaded data showed that 11 percent of Meituan’s cars have non-local plates and 59 percent of its drivers do not have Shanghai hukou (permanent residency).

On Wednesday, the traffic authority busted an illegal car serving for Meituan with an Anhui Province plate — A7X306. But in the system, the car appeared to have a local plate with the same number.

Meituan is facing a 30,000-yuan (US$4,771) fine over misinformation.

The company said it would adjust its promotions and discount strategies which have led to huge competition among ride-hailing companies. The discount to passengers is now limited to up to 4 yuan for each order. All ads and billboards suggesting “low-fare rides” will be dropped by Sunday.

“We also urge passengers to report illegal drivers or cars,” said Zhong. Once verified, the company will offer 100 yuan as reward to the passenger.

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