Man held for injuring traffic cop

Refusing to stop, the suspect dragged the police officer for about 10 meters and fled on after the officer fell to the ground.

A man has been detained for injuring a traffic police officer who tried to stop him from illegal parking, police said yesterday.

The officer spotted the 44-year-old man surnamed Hou illegally parking his car outside Jing’an Park on Nanjing Road W. about 9:30pm last Saturday. He asked him to step out of the car, but Hou ignored him and drove away.

The officer called for a backup and caught up with Hou at a crossroad and tried to stop him, but Hou drove on with the officer latching onto the left side of his car. He was dragged for about 10 meters, footage from a road surveillance camera showed.

Ti Gong

A street surveillance camera at the crossroads of Changde Road and Anyi Road records how the suspect dragged the police officer.

The officer fell to the ground and hurt his arms.

Hou was caught about 1pm the next day in Jiading District, police said. He faces the criminal charge of “interference with public administration” and faces up to three years in prison.

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