Police bust gambling den hidden in villa

Over 5 million yuan in bets were laid within two weeks at the illegal gambling business, which is located in a villa of a "center for innovative industries," police said.
Baoshan police

Over 100 suspects were caught in a police raid at a villa which housed a gambling den.

Over 5 million yuan (US$800,000) in bets were laid within two weeks at the illegal gambling business, which was located in a villa at a "center for innovative industries" on Hutai Road, Baoshan District, police said on Tuesday.

Dachang Police Station received a report at the end of last month from the local community that a lot of people went into the villa every night and left in the early morning, although there was no light at all coming from the building.

Baoshan police

The villa was found to have been rented by a man surnamed Liu earlier in March, allegedly for business purposes.

Through investigation, police found that while the first and second floors were vacant, the 200-square-meter third floor was being used as a gambling den.

The den was accessible only by elevator, and many surveillance cameras were installed inside and outside the villa, with some people stationed at the door as lookouts, according to police.

The raid took place at 10pm on April 4.

Baoshan police

Some suspects have been given administrative detention for up to 15 days for gambling, while others could face the criminal charge of organizing illegal gambling, police said.

Police added that the gambling game played at the den was "Baccarat."

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