Temperatures set to cool over the weekend

Forecasters say city residents will enjoy another day of sunshine and clear skies before temperatures fall and the rain arrives.
Dong Jun / SHINE

No need for a jacket on Nanjing Road W. on Thursday with temperatures rising to over 27 degrees Celsius.

Sunshine and warm weather, with temperatures up to 27 degrees Celsius, will continue for another day on Friday before the arrival of overcast skies and rain at the weekend, according to forecasters.

On Thursday the benchmark Xujiahui station recorded a high of 27.5 degrees with a low of 14.4. Friday will see temperatures from 16 to 27 degrees but fog will appear in coastal areas during the morning.

Cloud cover will increase from Saturday, followed by some brief showers into Sunday and heavier falls that night and on Monday. The maximum temperature will drop to 20 degrees from the beginning of next week.

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