Shanghai government's WeChat account has 4 million followers

The number of followers of the city government's official news and community service WeChat account "Shanghaifabu" has surpassed 4 million.

The city government’s official news and community service WeChat account “Shanghaifabu” surpassed 4 million followers by Monday.

The account was put into use in June, 2013. Apart from providing news, the platform also provides community affairs services to residents, including help applying for residence permits and social security cards, marriage registrations and so on.

Followers can also check waiting times at bus stops, record traffic law violations, see real-time traffic conditions and visitor volumes at scenic spots, as well as check out weather forecasts through the account.

In 2017, “Shanghaifabu” on average received 1.15 million visitors daily, with over 1,200 popular pieces of news receiving more than 100,000 clicks.

It was the nation’s most popular government affairs WeChat account for the past year.

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