Trademark infringement the most severe problem

Li Qian
Trademark infringement cases accounted for nearly 90 percent of all cases involving intellectual property infringement in Shanghai last year.
Li Qian

Nearly 90 percent of cases involving intellectual property infringement being charged last year related to trademark infringement, according to Shanghai People’s Procuratorate.

The procuratorate charged 210 cases of intellectual property infringement last year. Of them, 67.62 percent involved selling counterfeit brands, while 20.48 percent involved the production of fake products.

“The number of cases of that kind far exceeded others because it is relatively easy and cheap to fabricate brands and sell them,” said Xu Yanping, deputy director of the procuratorate. “They invested little but gained hugely.” 

Prosecutors are calling for severe punishments for offenders.

Last year, Shanghai People’s Procuratorate was given the “National Public Body Award” by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Network for its efforts against intellectual property infringement. It is the first time that the group has awarded this prize to a regional judicial organ.

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