Historic roads in Changning to get new look

Xinhua, Yuyuan, Wuyi and Panyu roads in Changning District will be refurbished as part of the city government's campaign to restore them to their former glories.

A revamping project will be carried out at four roads in downtown to restore historic structures and highlight their cultural heritages.

Xinhua, Yuyuan, Wuyi and Panyu roads in Changning District, with its historic villas and former residences of famous personalities, will be refurbished as part of the city government’s campaign to restore them to their former glories.

“Over 20 renovation or construction projects will be carried out at the four roads to make the downtown region more exquisite and satisfying to residents and tourists by 2020,” said Zhao Chengliang, director of the district’s construction and transport commission.

Additional urban greenbelts will be built along the 2.4-kilometer-long section on Xinhua Road with landscape illumination to highlight the many former residences of well-known personalities who lived in the area.

Yuyuan Road will have boutique stores and art galleries, while the overhead cables along Wuyi Road will be moved underground to create a tranquil and elegant environment.

Panyu Road along with the century-old Fahuazhen Road will undergo renovations too on their old residential communities.

The former site of the state-owned Shanghai Institute of Biological Products at 1262 Yan’an Road W. near Panyu Road will be converted into a complex with offices, hotels and shopping area. Leading enterprises on culture, technology and fashion will be based here.

Several historic structures in the compound, including the Columbia Country Club and a villa built for Dr Sun Yat-sen’s son Sun Ke will be preserved.

From 1927 to 1942, the Columbia Club was a place where the Americans came to socialize. In 1930, Hungarian architect Laszlo Hudec designed the villa next to the club for Sun Ke.

After 1970, the institute become a major base for research and productions of domestically developed vaccines.

The renovation work has been undertaken by the real estate developer Vanke.

Changning District hopes to attract about 20 fashion designers from both home and abroad to set up their studios within the next three years.

Lu Hao, director of the development and reform commission, said the district aims to hold at least two influential art events annually.

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