Spring brings out the district's colors

As the weather becomes warmer, it is a golden time to visit colorful Jiading. Take your family and friends to appreciate the wonderful spring time!

As the weather becomes warmer, spring arrives to bring various colors to the greenery in Jiading. Now is a golden time to visit colorful Jiading with red camellia, yellow rapeseed blossom, purple wisteria. Take your family and friends to appreciate the wonderful spring time!


Qiuxia Garden’s peony is in full bloom. More than 25 species of peony of some 500 flowers were highlights of the Third Peony Blossom Festival when it opened early this month. Among them was a peony more than 100 years old.

Venue: Qiuxia Garden

Address: 314 Dongdajie Street, Jiading Town

Ti Gong



The Wisteria Park is crowded with visitors for its annual display of purple flowers. April is the season when wisteria flowers are in full bloom, covering the whole park.

All the wisteria plants were a gift from Okayama Prefecture in Japan and Fujimoto Michio, a renowned Japanese horticulturalist who comes to Jiading every year to give his guidance on the plants.

It is estimated that the longest wisteria tassel is almost 150 centimeters.

This year, a special service is offered to answer the most common questions from visitors — an audio tour to explain the variety of wisteria species in the garden. Visitors can access it by subscribing to WeChat account “Shanghai Jiading” and hear about all the 31 species in the park.

To avoid the crowds in the Wisteria Park, the Ziyun Corridor, a 535-meter wisteria corridor with some 100 vines along the walking trail around the Huancheng River, is another good choice.

With the wisteria in full bloom, the corridor looks like a rainfall landscape. Except for the general purple color, visitors can also see pink and white wisteria which are photogenic enough.

Venue: Wisteria Park

Address: 45 Bole Rd

Venue: Ziyun Corridor

Address: The crossing between Jialuo Highway and Dongdajie Rd to the crossing between Jialuo Highway and Jinsha Rd

Ti Gong


Lotus and Water Lily

Last year, the lotus and water lily flower show in Guyi Garden attracted some 150,000 visitors, all impressed by these delicate flowers.

Right now, the staff at Guyi Garden’s Shanghai Lotus Research Institution Base are busy, because the current warm weather is the best time to replant the lotus, a key process in lotus cultivation.

Replanting is to exchange the lotus pots for bigger ones and fertilize the soil, so that the lotus can grow larger and give more flowers over the next few months.

At the research institution, they need to replant more than 3,500 lotus and water lilies and choose some 3,000 flowers to display in the garden.

Another highlight is an ancient lotus seed planted last year, which was also the first time this particular species had been cultivated, which will bloom this year. The lotus will be in full bloom in July.

Venue: Guyi Garden

Address: 218 Huyi Highway

Li Huacheng / Ti Gong


More flowers

Other blossoms waiting for your visit include rhododendrons, camellia, rapeseed blossom and Chinese violet cress. So don’t waste the warm spring weather and get ready to venture outdoors!

  • Camellia

Venue: Tanyuan Garden

Address: 5 Huntanglong Rd

  • Rapeseed blossom

Venue: Malu Grape Art Village

Address: 285 Dazhi Rd

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