Advisory system set up for elderly care in residential communities

A "senior care adviser" system is being trialed at 68 residential communities in Shanghai that aims to provide better services and information related to elderly care. 

Shanghai has started trialing a "senior care adviser" system at 68 residential communities from yesterday to provide better services for the elderly.

Advisers will provide consultations on service facilities available for elders, senior care programs and policies, long-term nursing insurance and subsidies for the elderly.

"We meet many seniors who are not aware of the services and policies available to them. These advisers will provide useful information to them, recommend the most suitable senior care services that match their needs and help the elderly to get familiar with senior care resources," said Jiang Rui, deputy director of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

"Staff at community-based senior care service centers are best suitable for this kind of work because they are familiar with the latest policies and know various senior care services and resources," she said. "Moreover, they are trustworthy among community seniors.

The residential communities trying out the system include those at Nanjing Road W., Huaihai Road M. and Jiangning Road sub-districts.

The program is expected to roll into neighborhood and village committees at a later date, the bureau said.

A smart comprehensive senior care service information platform, or the online version of the system, will also be developed, the bureau said.

Shanghai's senior population grew 5.6 percent last year from 2016, accounting for 33.2 percent of permanent residents. 

The number of people aged 60 or above totaled 4.84 million at the end of last year, according to the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

The city now has 703 registered senior care homes with 140,400 beds, and 283 among them have incorporated medical treatment services.

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