Police detain 2 drivers for fighting on elevated road

Two men and two women stopped their cars on an elevated road, got out and brawled for about a minute before police arrived.

Four people have been fined for brawling on Yan’an Elevated Road in an incident of road rage, Shanghai police said on Tuesday.

Two of them also received detention. 

The four, two men and two women, who were in two cars, purposefully blocked each other on the elevated road, got out and brawled for about a minute before police arrived on the scene.

The incident took place near the off-ramp of the elevated road at Xizang Road S. at about 11am on Monday.

The drivers of the two cars were a man surnamed Gu in the red car, and a man surnamed Tao in the gray car.

At the on-ramp at Shimen Road No. 1, Tao cut Gu off, nearly hitting his car in the process. Gu became irritated and overtook Tao before blocking him on the elevated road.

Shanghai police

The dashcam in Gu's car catches Tao cutting in from the side before the two enter the elevated road.

Shanghai police

Tao tries to cut in front of Gu again on the elevated road.

The quarrel soon turned into physical fighting, first between Gu and the two occupants of the gray car, and then between Gu and Tao and their two female companions.

Shanghai police

The dashcam in Gu's car records the scene of the brawl.

Gu will be detained for 10 days and fined 1,000 yuan (US$157) for “picking a quarrel and making trouble," and he will also be fined 200 yuan with six points deducted from his driving license for illegally parking his car on an elevated road.

Tao will be detained for five days and fined 500 yuan for brawling with Gu, and he faces the same fine and point deduction for the traffic offense.

The two women, surnamed Chen and Fu, will be fined 500 yuan for "beating others," police said.

Last month, a man in Jiading District was detained for five days for dangerously impeding another car when driving out of road rage.

The driver repeatedly made illegal lane changes to cut in before the other car. He was fined 600 yuan and had six points deducted from his license.

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