Man injures elderly woman in queue jumping scuffle at train station

The man has been put on bail while the elderly woman's injuries are verified.
Shanghai railway police

A man allegedly injured an elderly woman when the two got into a scuffle after pushing through a turnstile at Shanghai Railway station, police said on Wednesday.

The man was put on bail as the woman’s injuries are being verified, police said.

The incident took place at about 9:40pm on Monday at the southwestern exit of the railway station.

The 31-year-old man, surnamed Wang, was cut in from behind by the 67-year-old woman, surnamed Song, as the pair were lining to go through the turnstile. A scuffle occurred between the two, before Wang pushed the woman with his arm, causing her to fall over.

The incident was caught on the railway station's security cameras.

Medical checks found that Song suffered bone fractures to her left wrist and lumbar disc, police confirmed.

Wang is a Beijing native who works in Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, and Song is a Shanghai local.

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