Eagle-eyed police track down uniform swapping thief

The suspect allegedly wore his former uniform from another food delivery service during the theft, before changing back into his current one after that.

A food delivery man has been detained for stealing objects worth about 2,100 yuan (US$300) from a car parked in downtown Pudong, police said on Thursday.

The theft took place outside an Internet café on Qixia Road on April 28.

Police from Meiyuan Xincun Police Station, who started their investigation that evening, spotted the suspect wearing the uniform of food delivery service Meituan on street surveillance footage.

They lost track of the suspect after he rode away on an e-bike, but then spotted a man who looked very similar through a surveillance camera at a nearby street.

The man was wearing the uniform of another food delivery service, Fengniao, but police said they were sure that he was their guy.

Eagle-eyed police track down uniform swapping thief
Pudong police

The suspect wearing a yellow Meituan uniform at the scene of the theft.

Eagle-eyed police track down uniform swapping thief
Pudong police

He changes back into a blue Fengniao uniform soon after, as seen on surveillance footage from a nearby street.

The suspect, surnamed Liu, was tracked down and caught in his apartment later.

It turned out police were right, since Liu currently works for Fengniao and previously worked for Meituan. 

He has allegedly confessed about the theft and also admitted to wearing his former uniform in order to confuse police.

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