Unified system to convenience up to 1.5 million Pudong patients

Wan Tingting
A new medical system has been established by Shanghai Pudong Hospital with 11 community hospitals to streamline regional health capabilities and improve patient convenience.
Wan Tingting
Unified system to convenience up to 1.5 million Pudong patients

A doctor at Shanghai Pudong Hospital checks imaging files of a patient through the unified consultation system.

Shanghai Pudong Hospital have teamed up with a group of community hospitals to address the imbalance of medical resources that has long hindered the promotion of high-quality medical services in the district.

The hospital has pioneered a direct connection for medical and health care between 11 community hospitals in Pudong, which could benefit nearly 1.5 million patients.

In the innovative new hospital practice, a unified imaging diagnostic center, a medical test center, a pathology consultation center and a mobile telemedicine center have been established between Pudong Hospital and the smaller hospitals to streamline regional medical communication.

“Difficult cases in community hospitals have a green way to receive examinations and consultation from specialists at our hospital,” said Dr Yao Wenwo of Pudong Hospital’s radiology department.

Under the system, community doctors can receive diagnostic reports from the senior hospital within half an hour of uploading X-rays to the diagnosis center of the hospital, where two doctors on duty complete around 200 to 300 reports a day.

To further convenience patients, the system also allows those who have mobility problems to upload pictures and videos online and receive doctors’ consultations.

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