Talent Card incentive for top professionals

Putuo District has issued a Talent Card for top professionals in the district to better enjoy preferential policies on education, health, scientific innovation and culture.
Ti Gong

City officials pose for a photo with representatives of the high-end professionals who receive the Talent Cards.

PUTUO District has issued a Talent Card for top professionals in the district to better enjoy preferential policies on education, health, scientific innovation and culture.

The first batch of cards, with a golden serial number on each, has been released to 103 professionals. They can enjoy bespoke services in 12 areas covering children’s schooling and tutoring, medical services, physical check and movie watching.

Over 60 high-end professionals, including experts of China’s Recruitment Program of Global Experts, were invited to a conference on May 4 to give suggestions and discuss about the district government’s talent plans with senior Putuo officials.

The conference themed on “talent attraction” and “innovative development” demonstrated Putuo government’s aspiration to lure more professionals from abroad for its development.

“We have unprecedented eagerness for outstanding professionals, and face unprecedented opportunity to lead high-quality development driven by talent,” said Cao Liqiang, the Party secretary of Putuo. “So we also have a sense of crisis and urgency in attracting talent.”

The Talent Card is among the latest innovative efforts of the Putuo government to create a satisfying development atmosphere for top professionals and a “fertile soil” for startups.

The card integrates all kinds of services being offered by various departments of the district to provide “tailored, steward-like and menu-style” bespoke services to high-end professionals.

In the next step, the Putuo government will further expand the services being involved into the card. Currently, the holders can enjoy a fast green channel for medical services or physical checks at nearby hospitals. Their children will have a preferential qualification to be enrolled to local schools. They can also have a more convenient way to watch movies or buy tickets for other cultural and recreational events.

The Putuo government has also issued an electronic card for the holders, along with a WeChat account, to make it more convenient for them to use or check available services.

Zha Daocun, the board of chairman and president of the Vision Star Co, a Putuo-based media startup enterprise, is among the first batch of professionals to receive a Talent Card. He started his business in 2011 from neighboring Anhui Province and has received many preferential policies from the Putuo government.

“Nowadays, many of the outstanding graduates in my company are attracted to Putuo by its optimizing talent atmosphere,” Zha said.

Chen Qingbo, president of the Konecranes China, said the Putuo government has offered support on incentives to professionals, their training and accommodation as well as children’s education and medical services. A large number of professionals with the Finnish company have gathered in the city.

To attract more entrepreneurs and investors, the district has held an annual innovative entrepreneurship competition since 2014. Many startup firms have set up base in Putuo through the competition, as well as receiving support from both the government and investors.

The competition has concentrated on entrepreneurs and innovative professionals from abroad this year. With the help of Chinese consulates and embassies around the world, the competition has attracted 35 startup teams, including 10 from overseas. They cover areas on electronic information, Internet and mobile Internet, new energy and environmental protection, new materials and advanced manufacturing.

The winners will be enrolled into a training scheme to get analyzed and optimized by professionals and experts. They can also receive financial subsidies from the city and Putuo government.

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