AI application in competition for medical services

The applications of AI have great potential in the medical services, especially in a situation as the city's limited medical resource.
Yang Jian Shine

An AI engineer (left) with the US tech firm Maai Inc operates an AI software which can compose and play Jazz piano music with a local band (right) at the opening ceremony of an international competition featuring applications of AI on medical services in Xuhui on Sunday.

Xuhui District launched an international competition on Sunday featuring applications of artificial intelligence on medical services.

A total of 200 million yuan (US$31.3 million) is on offer in prize to attract research groups and high-tech startups from around world to take part in the MedAI Challenge, as part of the annual Shanghai Science Festival that began on Saturday.

The applications of AI have great potential in the medical services, especially in a situation as the city's limited medical resources, said Mao Fajun, director with the AI research institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

"We hope some innovative ideas can be incorporated by the AI scientists and medical workers through the competition," Mao, who is also a researcher with Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The competition, jointly organized by the institute and Xuhui government, will run through August involving Big Data and AI, doctors as well as experts from local research institutes and universities.

Five groups will be selected to a final competition on August 25. The winner for top prize will be awarded up to 200,000 yuan.

Yang Jian / SHINE

Residents take pictures on a group of robots that can dance based on the rhythm and music given on site.

"I'm very surprised to see how much the technology is prevalent and the public also adapt to much quicker than other places," said Charlie Bitton, founder and CEO of Maai Inc, a US company on AI music.

Local public is less fear on AI and robotics comparing with those in the Silicon Valley, and focus more on how AI and human can work together, Bitton told Shanghai Daily. His company presented a Jazz symphony collaborated by AI and a local band at the opening session of the competition at Shanghai Film Museum.

The district government also opened a health science promotion center on Sunday morning to further publicize health lifestyle and knowledge.

Over 100 public events and lectures have been arranged during the eight-day festival. Some science laboratories and research centers in Xuhui will open to public for free admission. The public, and children are especially welcome, can make experiments and study various scientific knowledge from the institutes, according to the Xuhui government.

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