Rainy days usher in a rise in temperature

Umbrellas rushed to the rescue across Shanghai today as rain hit town, but don't grab your jackets because the temperature will continue to rise through the week.
Rainy days usher in a rise in temperature
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Pedestrians hold umbrellas on a road in Xujiahui on Tuesday. 

Shanghai encountered showers in most areas starting from Tuesday afternoon, along with a rise in temperature and a high of 25 degrees Celsius.

According to Shanghai's Meteorological Bureau, the temperature will keep climbing throughout the rest of the week. Wednesday and Thursday have been forecast to be mostly sunny with a temperature range of 17-27. 

By Friday, the figure will rise to hover between 20 and 29 degrees. Short thunderstorms are also expected to hit the city again from Friday.

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